Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slideshow Craziness

Well, this command is completed now and running quite well. In the end I dropped the -path option as its much easier to glob on the Tcl side than produce a whole pile of code. Here's the business...

set fp [open test.xml w]
puts $fp [gnocl::desktop slideShow \

    -files [glob [pwd]/album/*.jpg] \

    -duration 1.0 \

    -transition 0.0 \

    -start [list 00 00 00] ]
close $fp

As can be seen, the background in being changed every second. My desktop clock is ticking away and switches wallpaper changes do occur on the second and take about a half second to load. This should be sufficient to make the clock work. The script can check for a new bg graphic and then merge the images into the bg.

So, might get that desktop clock to work after all!

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