Gnocl Web Resources Gaining Support

Ok, its early days, but the interest, or curiosity at least I guess, is gathering around the use of the Gnocl Google group pages as well as the on-line docs themeselves. Already got postings regarding feed back and support on the canvas widget. Its good to be of help.

The GSOC announcement came via the Tcl Wiki and newgroup today which was kindly forwarded by Bob, proposed Gnocl as a possible focus for some coding over the summer. There's lots to choose from. The completion of the GtkPrint bindings or some work on the Abiwidget would be my own personal choice, but then there are some many interesting packages to work with.

Didn't make any Blog posts yesterday, I was spent the extra minutes studying the GdkPixbuf docs for features to support.

One item to add to the todo list is are more options for the gnocl::canvas. Parametrically, an ellipse in a squashed circle, but interactively there are some differences. Indeed, many CAD systems have different ways of defining a circle. It might be useful to add include some of these options as new a new 'circle' command for the canvas.


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