Loading object from a builder UI buffer

I’ve now got the code running to pack objects (i.e. widgets) defined in a builder XML file into a specified, pre-existing container. Containers as such only have one child object, whereas other objects such as tables and boxes. In general the only container which accommodates a single child is a toplevel window. The code as it stand will allow the script to pass a list of objects to be packed, but at it stands, only one, item will be successfully packed using the current code.
Although in practice, the recipient container will be a box, so, should I replace the container test to and throw an error if it cannot accept a list of children, or, should the size of the array be tested and then the appropriate Gtk call made to perform the packing process for adding a child to a container, or packing into boxes. If the latter, then what level of support should be given for the padding, fill and expand properties?


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