New widget and pixbuf filters

No new posting to the Blogsite have been made over that past few days, not because of inactivity but due to quite the opposite -too much! My daily coding sessions between Thursday and Saturday this week have have resulted in the addition of one new widget type and a bagful of image processing filters. This is what has been added:


Gnocl already has bindings to the GtkColorSelectionDialog which includes the familiar HSV colour selection wheel. This is what it looks like:

The colour ring itself is a widget in its own right simply called: GtkHSV. The inclusion of this binding was really straightforward as the widget itself has only minimal signals and not specific properties (but of all, the object is easily configured in Gnocl). Whilst it may be a specialist item such as the various deprecated GIMP specific widgets, the decision to include it in the forthcoming release was rather impulsive and largely as the result of the range of pixbuf processing tools coming into Gnocl. Which of course leads to the next thing to report, the inclusion of the pixBufFilters.c module.

Pixbuf filters

At the time of writing the pixbuf.c module itself had grown into some 2500 lines of code which, for me, is too much. I’m a minimalist. I prefer smaller, well-ordered discrete bites of code rather than sprawling heaps of code leviathans. The pixBufFilter.c module then is not intented to be a Imagemagick or Gimp replacement, but set of simple useful image manipulation and processing tools. At the moment the functionality is compiled into the gnocl core itself, but it would be more in keeping with the idea of the main Gnocl module to purely handler Gtk+ objects to later move the filter extensions into a separate package.
The list of filters in by no means complete. Those currently included in the code are:


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