PixBuf commands: saturations and pixelation

On a roller today! Added two more pixBuf commands: saturation and pixelate. The test script tells all:

set pb1 [gnocl::pixBuf load "vyrnwy_small.png"]
set pb2 [$pb1 saturation 0.0]
set pb3 [$pb1 saturation 5.0]
set pb4 [$pb1 pixelate]
set box [gnocl::box -orientation vertical]
gnocl::window -child $box
$box add [gnocl::image -image "%?$pb1"]
$box add [gnocl::image -image "%?$pb2"]
$box add [gnocl::image -image "%?$pb3"]
$box add [gnocl::image -image "%?$pb4"]

Here’s the screenshots to shows the result:


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